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Default Looking for Participants: Meenta NovaSeq RunShare Beta

Hi Everyone,

I'm from a small Boston based company called Meenta, and we are launching a beta for our NovaSeq Runshare Program for a small cohort of users and hosts (think Uber Pool for NGS).

Initial versions will work like so: If you have a project coming up you can post and other researchers can find you. You can set your preferences for who you would share your flow cell with; internal to your university, read type, a specific flow cell type, number of samples etc.

Researchers can set their favorites so they get updated with new projects that match their watch parameters. When researchers are ready to share, we will have a ‘join’ and ‘invite’ process to allow the researchers to communicate. When a project is ready to go, they can choose a provider and submit a sample. Our core sample management features handle all the communications, shipping labels, tracking, and updates, as well as the split invoices, and data delivery.

But we need feedback on how best to help researchers find and share lanes, hence this beta project.

You can access the program here

Looking to connect with potential users/hosts and discuss! Thanks
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