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Post RNA-Seq_QC_plot_percentage of max data size

Hi, guys:
I just registered SeqMonk (I joined the EMBL-EBI training course a few weeks ago and simon andrew taught us roughly how to use SeqMonk) and nice to meet you first.

I have a question regarding the "percentage of max data size" in the RNA-Seq QC plot, I mean all other parameters are similar of my biological samples (2 repeats for control and two repeats for treatemnt, totally 4), but I saw the percentage of max data size of ctrl1 is 100% and 60% for ctrl1; 98%for treat1 and 80% for treat2; I did not see the official file explain this parameter, so I would be appreciate if you can explain to me and if it is a problem for my samples.
Thank you very much!

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