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I don't have a Polonator, but here is a reason to consider it serious:

Ever tried to do trouble-shooting on a commercial platform? It's pretty hard because much of what is going on is hidden from you, considered a "trade secret". That is, the companies are deliberately hiding from you the mechanisms of operation of a device you supposedly are doing science on.

Is that even science? Here is a test, try and write a manuscript where you refuse to divulge critical information about your methodology and see if you can get it published. It is unlikely you will succeed. Yet manuscripts are published every day containing data generated using methodologies not available to us. Why? Because those methodologies are performed using commercial instruments or kits.

Not all companies work this way. So, in principle, it is not necessary.

Polonator is one example. As csc says, they don't have the same amount of R&D plowed into them. But, hey, that is partially because we keep sinking our research dollars into products from companies that hide their methods from us.

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