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Default Polonator update

"The new version of Polonator - PinPoint Mini Sequencing Platform"

Just to clarify: the closest thing you have to a "new version of the polonator" would be the MaxSeq, which is actually a very diferent instrument. It works with sequencing by syntesis (as well as with sequencing by ligation), and uses a library prep chemistry (rolonies) which is far easier to use than polonies, altough it can also use this last one. The PinPoint Mini is a smaller platform, with lower throughput, but faster runs, similar to another instrument that was recently released by another commercial company. This instrument is not available yet.
The strongest point of both the instruments is that running them will be much cheaper than all other current solutions. And for the MaxSeq, even the instrument itself is much cheaper than the other commercialy available platforms. If you have any questions about it, please let me know.
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