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We have had ours since July of last year. We have mostly run AmpliSeq Exomes, and whole transcriptomes. Our last 20 or so runs have all been >10 Gb (with many in the 13-14 range), Q20 bases 8-11 Gb, and average read lengths >150 bp. We did not start of with results like that, but that is what we are getting now.

Our problem runs can usually be traced back to sample quality, or human error (me). We are testing the Ion Chef for the PGM, and I can't wait until it is working with the Proton. It should eliminate a ton of work, and at least half of our sources of error (me).

I can't say what I would do with the current options. I would likely base it on the throughput of the facility, and cost of reagents.

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