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Default Free Genomics Data Reference Library for the Community

In order to accelerate our understanding of the molecular basis of diseases such as cancer, it is imperative for the research community to be able to work with large cohorts of patient-derived genomics data generated by consortium efforts like The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and the Genotype Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project.

Station X is making it free & easy to rapidly mine large cohorts of patient-derived genomics data. GenePool Reference™ is a free and growing resource where human genomics data tied to corresponding clinical metadata is available for analysis and interpretation.

Simply register free-of-charge ( and get access to:

* 7,000+ samples worth of whole genomes, exomes, targeted sequencing panels, and transcriptomes including TCGA and GTEx projects, with more on the way driven by user requests
* Associated clinical metadata such as demographic, treatment, recurrence, and other features
* Built-in, best-in-class analysis & statistical tools such as profiling, comparison, time-to-endpoint, co-expression networks, gene-set enrichment, and clustering
* Interactive visualizations
* Built-in, dynamic annotations

For more information about GenePool Reference™ and the various genomics cohorts available, please click here (

If you are interested in using GenePool with your own genomics data, simply check out to find out how.

GenePool is Station X’s software environment for the management, analysis and sharing of cohort-scale genomics data. GenePool makes it easy for translational and clinical researchers to make sense of mutation and expression data derived from sequencing platforms.

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