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Default MiSeq v3 PE 300 run and Illumina's service

MiSeq v3 PE 300 run failed the 3rd time for me. First time Illumina claimed that the software needs downgrading which we did. Second time they said problem is system fluidics, I checked that and it passed. When I loaded sample was at right concentration and the cluster density not overclustered but just right, still the run failed at the same cycle.

I read people have had problems with this run and it might be due to quality issues of the kit. I am sure Illumina was aware but was claimed there have been no problems for other users with kit which is hard to believe.

Lately their service has been mediocre, and with the monopoly of their kits on their machines, there is nothing one can do.

Does anyone have mediocre service with Illumina
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