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That is funny, because we get more ABI orders for ISAS licenses, even today
Does ABI have sales people in Saudi Arabia ?!
Anyway - tell them to ask their headquarters in Foster City, California
The people who are responsible for SOLiD alignment know ISAS very well

I have to admit, though, that what the two posters above wrote might be relevant for you:
If you're not using whole human reference (3Gbases), but just some small region of
a human, or some small organism (a few Mbases), then you can definitley use one of the slow alignment systems, which are free. If we do it in 5 minutes, and they do it in 50 minutes, the 45 minutes difference might not matter to you. Its when they take a whole day (or, as one customer told us: "weeks"), that you need us.
One thing to consider, maybe, even if using a small targeted area (of human), is that by running with the full human reference, (and later filtering just your region of interest) you get to find out which hits (in your targeted area) are really unique.

Also - looks like many people don't know, because we're famous with SOLiD (few alternatives with color code) but ISAS is ALSO available for Illumina, so you can go either way.

Good luck.
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