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Originally Posted by HeinKey View Post
I assume it will be 2x 150 bp in 3.5 days.
2.1 to 2.5 billion clusters per flow cell, in a 2x150 bp run is 630 - 750 Gb.
With a speed >200Gb per day a 2x 150 bp run will take 3.5 days.

I wonder if we can upgrade the 2500 V4 machine to a 4000 version...
I asked Illumina and was told not. Apparently the cameras are more sensitive.

Also, the NextSeq550 capability for arrays is currently limited to the methylation and karyomapping chips, not sure why. They have suggested they may look into allowing iSelect if enough users are interested. Personally, I feel it would be a good move - core labs could use the NextSeq as a stopgap for priority NGS/genotyping runs if the HiSeqs/iScans are at capacity or down for repair.
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