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Originally Posted by HeinKey View Post
I assume it will be 2x 150 bp in 3.5 days.
2.1 to 2.5 billion clusters per flow cell, in a 2x150 bp run is 630 - 750 Gb.
With a speed >200Gb per day a 2x 150 bp run will take 3.5 days.

I wonder if we can upgrade the 2500 V4 machine to a 4000 version...
Dumbass Question Alert, but does 2.1 billion clusters = 2.1 billion reads? Or would that be 2.1 billion clusters and with PE be 4.2 billion reads?

I guess my real question is on the HiSeq3000, how many reads do I get with 2x150bp PE?

Thanks in advance...
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