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Hello All,

Wow, great last couple of posts. I was especially intrigued by the mention of the two databases (which i was not familiar with), very interesting. Sounds like there is a lot of interesting work being done by the people in here.

Somewhat of a side note, you could look at promoter proximal introns which can help regulate expression rates. I don't think many of these motifs are well characterized, although there is an open source algorithm (IMEter) to search for these motifs (somewhat well validated) if you are interested in a set of particular genes/transcripts. See:

Promoter-proximal introns in Arabidopsis thaliana are enriched in dispersed signals that elevate gene expression. Plant Cell Rose, A.B., Elfersi, T., Parra, G., and Korf, I. (2008)

The IMEter Predicts an Intron's Ability to Boost Gene Expression. Plant Cell Kathleen L. Farquharson (2008)

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