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Default GoogleMaps for next-gen: Suggestions about how to collaborate

Hi All,
First, big thanks to James for getting this happening. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so when a colleague emailed me a pointer to this on SeqAnswers, I thought this opportunity to good to miss.

I think geographical view of sequencing (and related) facilities will be a very useful resource, especially as an overview of a very rapidly changing environment. Recently, Ewan Birney (EBI) gave a seminar and workshop series in Australia and, when he asked the obvious question “what sort of ‘omics facilities does Australia have?” it was impossible to give a succinct response.

I’m going to make some suggestions with the aim to create a map resource (or resources) that are (a) easy to search (b) easy to maintain (c) easy for anyone to contribute to.

My suggestions are
1. To use GoogleMaps as the platform, rather than anything more customised
2. To follow GoogleMaps’ approaches to collaborating and sharing
3. To consider having a map per continent, country or region, e.g., Europe, Australia, Oceania to avoid all the admin, setup etc falling on one altruist. One person has to “own” a GoogleMap, even though many others can contribute.
4. To use a labelling approach that’s helpful and consistent across maps

GoogleMaps provides the ability to import one GoogleMap into another (wanna try that James?) so it seems conceivable to create a master map from several others while devolving the responsibility of maintaining and managing different maps.

To explore these ideas a bit further I started a map of Australian 'omics and bioinformatics (with all of four entries).

I’d be interested to know your thoughts about this, or any ideas to make things work better.
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