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Originally Posted by ECO View Post
Way to catch that immediately!

The only details that can possible be extrapolated from are in this quote:

Extrapolating from above:

chip sensors tput availability
First chip (314) 1.3 Millon 10MB Mid 2011
1000x 1.3 Billion 10GB early 2013
Hopefully we'll be looking at more than 10GB of sequence. While ~3x Coverage of the genome is technically a $1000 genome I'd think 10x-30x would be a level of coverage far closer to what most people would consider a $1000 Genome.

If we say 660M sites as the third article claims, and a read length of 200bp, then a quick of the back of my hand calculation gives something like 30x coverage of a human genome at 70% of the sites being active.
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