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Originally Posted by GW_OK View Post
Also, it seems like right now they've got a machine equivalent to a single hiseq lane costing slightly less if only reagents are being taken into account. Running quicker, of course. But is it better, faster, cheaper than a Miseq?
Right now they haven't got anything as this is just an announcement... first machines to early access customers mid-2012.

MiSeq spec as of now is 1.5-2Gb per 27 hours (2x150bp).

We've extrapolated that Ion is looking at maybe >20 Gb per run (3 hours?) for Proton 1 chip in Q3 2012, and >100Gb per run for Proton 2 Q1 2013. So it promises far greater throughput and faster than the MiSeq.

Currently MiSeq is cheaper than the Proton but more than the PGM.

Strongly expect to see Illumina announcements reacting to this!

Furthermore are read lengths >4-500bp feasible, really?
We don't really know!
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