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Originally Posted by SeqAA View Post
That's not acceptable for clinical use. It may be very useful for a lot of other stuff.
I wouldn't say ONT is really going for that market yet.
The website is surprisingly useful for answering questions about many things related to their method and intentions (hence my numerous references to it). For example, they are definitely considering clinical uses for their nanopore system:

Use of the GridION platform in Personalised Healthcare
The GridION platform is an electronic analysis system that can be tailored for the analysis of DNA, RNA, protein and other analytes. This novel technology has applications across personalised healthcare. this may include the analysis of a patient's DNA, discovery and validation of new protein biomarkers or an electronic diagnostic test for discovered biomarkers.
In the clinical setting, it looks like they're putting a bit of effort into a more direct protein identification (via aptamers), which is likely to be more useful for diagnostic and monitoring purposes when compared to the mostly unchanging DNA.
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