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Originally Posted by kgulukota View Post
Finally! (I am being optimistic and assuming the legitimate concerns about accuracy will be adequately addressed over time).

I have always thought the true definition of "Next generation" was not amount of data but rather read length. I have been disappointed that so-called "Next gen" technologies from ILMN and Life would deliver shorter reads than Sanger but just boat-loads of them. It has always left a bad taste in my mouth.

Now with PacBio, GnuBio and Nanopore, it seems like we are finally focusing on the true Next Nex-gen. 100 Mega-base reads, anyone? Of course it drastically changes the jobs of bioinformatics folks like me. And makes life kinda fun!
Is there any evidence that either PacBio or GnuBIO could reach ultra long reads? PacBio is making improvements in read length, but at the pace they're going, it doesn't seem like they'd ever reach anything approaching 1Mb. As for GnuBIO, how large of an n-mer would they need to be able to sequence a whole human genome with their SBH approach?
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