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Originally Posted by GW_OK View Post
If I recall correctly from his talk he mentioned 25% of the wells (pore binding sites?, array positions? not quite sure what to call them...) had a single pore.

edit : one could call them membranes, I suppose.
You guys ! Tsk!

What I actually said was that we use a 4:1 input multiplex for each circuit. So 4 array wells per circuit. When you poisson load 4 wells, 1 gets no pores, 1 gets 1, 1 gets 2 and 1 gets 3 - on average of course. The array can then switch the circuit to read the well with 1 pore in it, ignoring the others. So, in fact, beating poisson w.r.t the mapping of pores to circuits and ensuring every circuit is being used. So when we say 8k pores, it means just that, single pores being read.

I can see the are a lot of questions and misconceptions which we can easily answer. If you have further questions please email me directly from your institutions email account.

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