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Originally Posted by jjjscuedu View Post
Dear all,

I am trying to run Ray on a test data.

However, when I try to run it according to the mannual, there is an error like this:

[jingjing@tll-bioinfo02 Ray-v2.2.0]$ mpiexec -n 1 ray-build/Ray -o test -p PE1.fa PE2.fa -k 31
ssh: Could not resolve hostname tll-bioinfo02: Name or service not known

It seems the mpi mode is something wrong.

Can anyone give me some suggestions?

The problem is related to your MPI installation. It seems that mpiexec wants to use ssh to connect to tll-bioinfo02.

Maybe tll-bioinfo02 is listed in a hostfile and that your MPI installation is using that.


mpiexec -n 1 -host localhost ray-build/Ray -o test -p PE1.fasta PE2.fasta -k 31
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