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Default Ray 2.3.0


I am proud to announce the immediate availability of Ray 2.3.0 (434 KB).

Most significant change:

- add -detect-sequence-files to detect supported files

With this option, you just need to put your sequence data files in one directory,
and use "mpiexec -n 99 Ray -detect-sequence-files directory. This option will match
paired files and everything.

What's new:

- new option "-run-surveyor" to compare several samples (see Documentation/)
- support long reads in -amos option (reported by Bastian Hornung @
- Scaffolder: fix a bug in the formatting of scaffolds (Rob Egan @ Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)
- ElapsedTime.txt is now in tabular format (suggested by James Vincent @ The University of Vermont)
- add new sequence file extensions such as .fq.gz (see the manual)
- fix a interger overflow for the Bloom filter (thanks to Chien-Chi Lo)
- remove the symbolic loop in RayPlatform (reported by Nick Holway)
- add the ability to send SIGUSR1 to Ray processes to debug them
- use the polytope by default with option -route-messages (instead of the de Bruijn graph)

Download link:


Thanks !



Paper for Ray Meta for metagenomics:

Ticket for the release:
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