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Default Genomic Medicine Short Course

Next generation sequencing has had a profound impact on biomedical research. Clinicians and scientists seeking to stay abreast of the field may be challenged by the rapid rate of genomic discovery and technologic advancement. The Children’s Mercy Genomic Medicine Center, with support of the NIH, is offering a four-day CME/CEU program in translational genomics. This course will take place Sept. 9-12, 2019 in Kansas City, Mo.

Topics include:
• Technical and analytic aspects of DNA and RNA sequencing
• Variant analysis
• Gene regulation and epigenetics
• Single cell sequencing
• Clinical and ethical implications of genomics

The course features lectures and workshops to teach next generation sequencing analysis skills. A unique aspect of the program is the opportunity for enrollees to have genomic sequencing completed on themselves. Participants can use the resultant data file as they learn variant identification and characterization. This strategy, known as Personalized Genomic Educational Testing (PGET), is optional and provided at no additional cost.

This program is supported by the NHGRI Initiative to Maximize Research Education in Genomics: Courses for Skills Development (R25) Program.

Questions: Please email
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