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I have a reference genome which is broken into exons (this data was given to me and I am to handle it). I guess I should call it a reference exome to be specific.
I have exome data for other species - I have gene A that I want to find in all species using their exome data. So I tried blasting the CDS of gene A, I even tried blasting the individual exons of gene A against the exome data for species 1, 2, 3... etc. I was comparing the lables for the reference exome which is fine, I can find the information easily on Ensembl, but the labels for individual species just does not make sense at all to me. Ideally, if I have CDS of gene A, and I know it has 5 exons, I was truly hoping that after BLASTing species 1, I would get 5 sequences that match to regions for gene A.
Was not happening...
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