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Originally Posted by NextGenSeq View Post
You have to ask Illumina for them. I posted a pdf of them but Illumina made this site take them down.
Originally Posted by ECO View Post
Hi guys/ScottC,
NextGenSeq is correct, ILMN does not want the TruSeq adapter sequences published here.
Really? You were actually told by Illumina to remove them? Why would they care? It was sent to me out of the blue by Illumina staff, I didn't request it. They told me to feel free to distribute it.

You're certainly allowed to publish 'individual sequences'...

"For individual sequences contained in this letter, lllumina grants you permission to distribute them outside your institution, or publish individual sequences in presentations, manuscripts, or publications authored by you, as long as it is accompanied by the following copyright notice:
Oligonucleotide sequences 2007‐2011 Illumina, Inc. All rights reserved."
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