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Hi, lh3 and apfejes. Thanks for you opinion on ZOOM . I am one of the developers of ZOOM. In fact, we will release the command-line version of ZOOM next week.

We finished the part of ZOOM dealing with Illumina/Solexa data in January of this year. Due to some personal reason, we came back to it until May. Then we found the release of ABI SOLiD data. We wanted to support color space data in ZOOM. After that, we focused on the GUI part, manual, website... We are trying to release an efficient, useful and easy-to-use tool. So, sorry for letting you wait. The good news is it will appear next week.

Welcome to try ZOOM out. We'd like to provide any help we could.

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I do not know more that you, apfejes. I just wonder why they do not release the program when the benchmark is ready. This might be the best time for "short" read aligners. In a year time (probably half-a-year time), the length of Illumina reads will come to >70bp which will effectively cripple a lot of current programs, including maq unfortunately.
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