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Originally Posted by KenFlo1 View Post
I am writing a paper on Sequencing Companies for a MBA course I am taking regarding entrepreneurship and my paper is focusing on start-up companies (specifically Helico's and Pacific Bio) and how these companies sequencing machines pares up relative to established companies such as Roche and Illumina. Can anyone provide me with some information relative to their own personal experiences using Sequencing machines revolving around RNA / DNA 3rd generation sequencing and how the companies above compare to one another? From the information I have studied so far, their seems to be an infinite amount of information out there regarding which company does what but I am in information overload since my background in this type of new technology is very limited. I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade and I do understand some of the basics regarding this type of technology but again, my understanding is very limited. I do appreciate any feedback or links that provide some type of analysis of these companies sequencing machines as well as any personal experiences that members have had with them. I will post this thread on the other company boards. Thanks in advance!

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