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Dear Colleagues,

We announce a Call for Contributions to the CAMDA Satellite Meeting of ISMB/ECCB: Researchers world-wide take the CAMDA Challenge ( - compete with the best in an open-ended data analysis contest!

For 2015, the FDA SEQC consortium offers two challenges:
(i) the response of over 100 rat livers to 27 drugs representing 9 different chemical modes of action, as characterized by matched RNA-Seq and microarray expression profiles, and
(ii) a multi-site cross-platform RNA-Seq benchmark covering 3 next-generation sequencing, 5 microarray, and 2 qPCR platforms.
(You can read more about SEQC consortium outcome here:

By popular request, we also repeat the challenge of an integrated analysis of hundreds of cancer patients with matched profiles of mRNA and miRNA expression, methylation, copy number variation, and SNPs.

Join us and keynote speakers Des Higgins and Gad Getz (tbc) for a stimulating scientific meeting and lively discussions over a Guinness in Dublin 10-11 July 2015!

Please follow us on twitter @CAMDA_conf!


CAMDA was founded in 2000 (Nature 411, 885. Nature 424, 610) to provide a forum for the critical assessment of different techniques used in large-scale data analysis in the life-sciences, including but not limited to high-dimensional gene expression profiling. It aims to establish the state-of-the-art in analysis methods for Big Data in the Life Sciences, as well as identify progress and highlight promising directions for future efforts. To this end, CAMDA adopted the approach of a community-wide contest, with the scientific community analysing the same data sets. Researchers worldwide are invited to take the CAMDA challenge, which has become a prominent fixture (cf. Nature Methods 5, 569).

Accepted contributions are presented though talks and posters, and the results and methods of the different analyses are discussed and compared at the conference, with selected presentations published in a special Open Access proceedings issue in collaboration with the Systems Biomedicine journal (Taylor & Francis).

Running as an official Satellite meeting of ISMB/ECCB (established since 2011) provides further opportunities for interaction with colleagues.

Keynotes by leading researchers in the field provide further focus points for discussion at the meeting.

We hope to see you in Dublin!

Best Regards,

CAMDA 2015 organizing committee:
Walter Kolch, Dublin, Ireland
Joaquin Dopazo, Valencia, Spain
Lan Hu, Boston, USA
Okko Clevert, Berlin, Germany
David Kreil, Vienna, Austria​
Pawel Labaj
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