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Originally Posted by sunitha View Post
Hi all

I am currently using Illumina kit A and kit B for making small RNA libraries. We need two more indexed primers from kit C to complete our sample set. Could anyone let me know the concentration of the indexed primers Illumina supply so I can custom synthesize it through other vendors. I do not foresee an usage for the entire kit C. So it is a huge investment to buy the whole kit for just two indexed primers.
Hi Sunitha,
I do not know the concentration of the primers in the Illumina kit, but you can probably estimate it fairly accurately using a Nanodrop or Qubit ssDNA assay.
FYI, you can get indexed primers from Bioo Scientific that are compatible with the TruSeq small RNA library prep kit. To find out the concentration just send an email to

As a disclaimer, I work for Bioo Scientific.
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