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Default cluster density problem in TruSeq Small RNA library sequencing

Dear all
Iíve sent a 8-indecies pooled sample for TruSeq Small RNA library illumina sequencing. Mention that I didnít use kit and I used CATS protocol to make the library. QC was passed successfully. Concentration was 574ng/Ķl and 3594 nM. The size was 246 bp. Now my problem is that the company informed me that due to base concentration issue, they canít calculate cluster density. Sequencing went successfully after 8 cycle. In order to fix this issue, they told me need put phiX more than 50% but they canít guarantee the result. and I might get the half of the data except the amount of PhiX rate. Now I want to know is that amount of result scientifically validate. Or is there any other way to get a better result?
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