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Originally Posted by ymc View Post
Are there any new claimants of HiSeq X Ten?
So far there have been six HiSeq X Ten customers. Here they are in order of purchase (with the first three coming in at the initial announcement).

Broad Institute - Cambridge, US
Garvan Institute - Sydney, Australia
Macrogen (and US subsidiary Axeq) - Seoul, S. Korea and Rockville, MD
New York Genome Center - NY
deCODE genetics - Iceland (presumably)
Novogene - Beijing, China

Illumina has stated that they could install five systems in 2014, but that 'maybe' they could optimize supply chains to get more done if there were the demand.

It's unlikely that all six of these HiSeq X Ten owners will accept outside samples, but we're working with those that are so that you'll be able to access this service via AllSeq. But note that the providers will probably set some minimum sample limits and they're likely to charge more than $1000 for the '$1000 genome' ;-)
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