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Unfortunately, technology has very little impact now. People ae interested in global presence, B2B purchases, local service, application support and support from Minnesota to Mumbai... That's the world we live in and I am always impressed when I see very rational scientists think that a company can survive making a single product. In fact a company cannot survive selling thousands and thousands of PCR machines as a sole product... what is left for sequencing then ? Not very much, even the big boys are actually scrambling knowing they are heading towards a full contraction of volume... Yeah, cheers because we can do more but believe me, they are cutting and slashing big time to make up for that falling forecast in consumable sales. The volume is simply not making up for the price drops, it's last man standing. This is why I would wisely look at Roche if I were ILMN... The time is now... That stock will simply not go back up again and, well, everyone wants to be a publicly traded company it seems...

All NGS companies coming up, from Gnu to Oxford to Genia can only dream of being purchased before they can think of plan B. Plan B is dreadful, expensive and requires huge human ressources...
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