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Default QIAGEN Redwood City seeking Senior Developer

We are looking for an experienced front-end developer who has a good eye for design and detail, and an aptitude for tackling user interface and workflow challenges unique to big data analyses and complex scientific workflows. This position will help build out the industry-leading Ingenuity genomic data analysis cloud platform for large scale scientific and clinical data analysis and management. Experience with genomics, bioinformatics and life sciences is strongly preferred, but not required.

As a senior Javascript/Front End developer, you will lead front end development on the DataStream tools used to deliver the entire Ingenuity product line to our customers, and to integrate our products and platform technology into a wide range of scientific workflows across academia, pharma, biotech and clinical settings. You will work closely with our scientific product leads, bioinformaticians, and back end developers on developing tools and visualizations that support large-scale, sophisticated data analysis and interpretation. The solutions you develop will be used by molecular biologists, clinical geneticists and researchers, and biomedical informaticians, and will fundamentally enable the application of Ingenuity technologies for the improvement of human health.

A good fit would be a developer who can execute quickly while still following best practices and who thrives on new technology and has an avid interest in bioinformatics and genomics. We're using a hybrid web stack, with mostly Java on the back end but some Python and Perl as well. You will be expected to help make decisions on front-end library usage, front-end and javascript architecture, and lead implementation of CSS, HTML and JS. You will help evaluate and select modern tooling (such as SASS, Coffeescript, Grunt) and selectively apply techniques in the space (such as Raphael, D3, Backbone). You are a talented front-end developer who writes clean, well-organized CSS and HTML and composes Javascript beyond the walled garden of JQuery.

A bioinformatics degree is not required for this position, but experience building web-based user interfaces or information visualizations for biomedical researchers, scientists and clinicians is a must.

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