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Default New Short Read Aligner

I've been working on a short read aligner and would like to find some beta testers. The suite includes single end and paired end read aligners.
Some features are:
  • Gaps up to 7bp, affine gap penalties
  • Can handle ambiguous codes in ref sequence.
  • Quality based scoring
  • Adapter stripping for miRNA reads
  • No heuristics - reports the best alignment
  • Options for handling multiple alignments includes none, random, all alignments.
  • Alignment Quality scores
  • Can use fasta, fastq, solexa fastq, prb input formats
  • Paired end with full Needleman-Wunsch on both ends.
  • Paired end accepts a structural variation penalty and the best alignment may be two independent ends if score with SV penalty is better than the best pair that fits the fragment length distribution.
  • Supports variable read lengths
  • Includes optional soft masking of repeats.

If anyone is interested in getting a copy for testing you can contact me novoalign <at> gmail ....
Beta version is for X86-64 Linux 64 bit.

Cheers, Colin

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