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ViralFusionSeq: Accurately discover viral integration events and reconstruct fusion transcripts at single-base resolution

Summary: Insertional mutagenesis from virus infection is an important pathogenic risk for the development of cancer. Despite the advent of high-throughput sequencing, discovery of viral integration sites and expressed viral fusion events are still limited. Here, we present ViralFusionSeq (VFS), which combines soft-clipping information, read-pair analysis, and targeted de novo assembly to discover and annotate viral-human fusions. VFS was used in an RNA-Seq experiment, simulated DNA-Seq experiment and re-analysis of published DNA-Seq datasets. Our experiments demonstrated that VFS is both sensitive and highly accurate.

Availability: VFS is distributed under GPL version 3 at


Supplementary information: Detailed comparison with existing tools and Supplementary information is available at Bioinformatics Online

Overview at SEQwiki:

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