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Post Shearing chromatin - ChIP-seq for H3K9me3

Hi everyone,
It's my first time posting on seqanswers.
I am shearing chromatin of HEK293T ~5m cells. I am using the ChIP-seq protocol from Myers lab/Encode consortia. Looking at 200-600bp sheared chromatin.
We have a Sonics Vibra cell sonicator in our lab. It has the smallest microtip as 1/8 tapered microtip. I want to do some trials before performing it for my treated samples. If anyone has worked with this type of sonicator before kindly share your experience and the protocol you followed.
I am specifically interested in knowing:

1. The amplitude?
2. The number of cycles?
3. The time?

There is a lot of information regarding other sonicators but not compatible with the one we have. I would be grateful if someone can shed light on this. Thanks in advance

I am attaching here the ChIP-seq protocol I am using.
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File Type: pdf ChIP-seq_Protocol_v011014.pdf (1.76 MB, 1 views)

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