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Unhappy CAP3 output *.ace in EagleView?

I am a molecular biologist. We have done some EST sequencing and I used TGICL / CAP3 for sequence assembly. Everything works fine and it constructs all the contigs etc. Now I wanted to check the *.ace output visually in EagleView. I get an error stating:

"Error: BS missing or in an wrong order!"

I checked the *.ace file and there is no information in corresponding to a "BS" tag. But anyways... After reading the documentation of EagleView this data shouldn't be needed anyway:
"EagleView extracts information defined in the seven tags: AS CO BQ AF RD QA DS, and skip all other information."
I looked around and found a sort of minimal info ACE viewer: BEAP

This one is displaying my contigs. I can see overlaps of the subsequences etc... But only as crappy bars with no extra info whatsoever...

Am I just using the wrong software for what I am trying to see? Is EagleView not capable of displaying data without the BS tag?
I worked myself into Linux 3 months ago and am capable of using programs like TGICL and others. But I can't program any scripts for extracting data or so...

Any help would be appreciated!
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