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Originally Posted by tfedwong View Post
Dear Sequencing Community,

We have just released a new set of sequins that represent a synthetic microbe community, and act as reference standards for use in metagenome applications.

Metagenome sequins are shipped free for non-profit research purposes, and can be easily ordered from

We have released a set of 86 sequins that each mirrors a microbe genome sequence, with a diversity of GC content, size, and genome architecture represented. Together, they are formulated into two alternative mixtures (A and B) that span a ~3 x 10^4 concentration range and, when compared have known fold-change differences.

Metagenome sequins are added to DNA samples prior to library preparation, and undergo concurrent sequencing and analysis with the accompanying sample, and can act as a reference set of internal controls throughout the NGS workflow, and allow sequencing bias, assembly performance and quantitative accuracy to be assessed.

Because the sequins share no sequence homology with known natural sequences, sequins and derivative reads can be readily distinguished from the accompanying environmental sample, thereby comprising an independent, internal, sample-specific reference control.

Further information (including case studies, laboratory protocols, and resource files) can be found at

Thanks for your support,
Sequin Team.
That you for the heads up. I didn't know something like this was available.

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