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Originally Posted by JakobHedegaard View Post
See the file /Reports/html/index.html in the run folder. It includes a list of top10 unknown barcodes (and the known ones). Click on "show barcodes" in the top-right corner when you have opened the html file.
Thanks Jakob, I did NOT see that link up at the top right, and had manually yanked those sequences out from the DemuxSummaryF1Ln.txt files.

At least three and probably five of the samples have no or VERY few reads. Two might just be bad libraries. Unfortunately based on the percent of each base (A,G,C,T) at each of the twelve base read positions in the 43 index sequences, it looks like the sample sheet was mixed up in several places, and I can't substitute these unknown index reads into the index reads %A, %C, %G, %T to correct for the differences. It was a long shot but I can't figure out anything else to do. I hope they can figure out which are their samples from the assemblies.
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