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Default 3' mRNA-seq gene expression profiling by QuantSeq

if you think gene expression profiling by a 3' DGE kit that can target heavily degraded, polyadenylated RNAs is applicable for your project, then have a look at the QuantSeq kit from Lexogen.

Reproducible, high-quality gene expression values can be generated from degraded or FFPE-extracted RNA with low DV200 values, and there is even a corresponding award program that might be of interest to you. The kit price itself starts from USD 19.80 and includes read data analysis on the BlueBee platform.

Regarding the contaminations in your sample you might want to look into bead based purification protocols that can be applied in the 96 well format to your large number of samples. Alternatively, the QuantSeq kit accepts very low inputs, i.e. from 10 ng for degraded RNA, hence it might be possible to simply dilute your samples (and the contaminations) accordingly.

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