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Originally Posted by pmiguel View Post
The platform comparison is old enough to be of mainly historical interest. Dating back to the end of 2010 puts it before the Illumina's v3 HiSeq chemistry tripled the output of that instrument and put a stake through the SOLiD's heart. Also at that point it was not entirely obvious that Roche had abandoned the GS-FLX to tinker around with the their benchtop GS-Jr.

Cool though. Very comprehensive list of next gen sequencers.
Yes, that page is horribly out of date. To be honest, it's (at least partially) because we were never that happy with the structure (e.g. lumping all of the Illumina platforms into a single bucket doesn't make a lot of sense). The site is migrating to a new backend system in a week or two that should give us more options for displaying info. In the meantime, most of the individual platform pages are up to date (well, at least better than the table).

We also need to add links to other great resources like SeqAnswers and the world map of NGS placements. So much to do, so little time... :-)
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