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I think it's a great idea. I am a little confused, though: Is this JUST about the SEQwiki or is it about SEQanswers as a whole including SEQwiki?

My suggestions here are assuming it's the latter.

If it is the latter, I think the abstract is missing the mark a little on describing precisely the incredible usefulness of SEQanswers as a community. It describes accurately that SEQanswers is a good place for rapid dissemination of analysis tools. However, it leaves out that SEQanswers is the go-to source for discussion on optimal ways of performing high-throughput sequencing from the bench all the way through analysis as well as for troubleshooting (and it honestly is the place to go for these things online). I think it's important to mention explicitly the community aspect of this site because it is really a meeting place for geneticists and bioinformaticians unlike anything else out there. It is a resource for those of us on the bleeding edge of this type of research where we can share experiences, tools and findings without having to go through the long process of publication or having to meet in person or over the phone. It is really a "forum" in the traditional sense for genomics research. I think that's a key point that should be made about why this site is such a valuable tool.

Also, I don't want to be "that guy" who quibbles over author lists, but this site is a community-driven resource, but this list picks particular people to include as contributors to the "project" and poster. In my opinion, the author list should probably be ECO, Dan, whoever physically puts together the poster (assuming it's not ECO or Dan) and "the SEQanswers/SEQwiki community". Just my two cents on that, but I think it would be very cool to put it that way as yet another way of emphasizing the whole concept to the people at AGBT.

If it's just about the Wiki, I think expansion on the use of the Wiki and the usefulness of the wiki medium for this kind of sharing is needed. Everyone pretty much knows what a wiki is, sure, but it would be great to describe how the wiki format is conducive to rapid dissemination of bioinformatic tools and optimal analytical techniques for the sequencing community.
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