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Originally Posted by janejane View Post
Thanks. I made the changes on the wiki.
Thanks for the edit!

Originally Posted by Michael.James.Clark View Post
I think it's a great idea. I am a little confused, though: Is this JUST about the SEQwiki or is it about SEQanswers as a whole including SEQwiki?

My suggestions here are assuming it's the latter.


Thanks for your thoughtful comments, my original intent was your second suggestion, that the poster be about the site in general, including both community aspects and the wiki. I actually think you made some great first steps towards writing the abstract! I feel a bit awkward writing it myself, because it feels like I'm being too self-promotional when it really is the contributors that have made the site so useful. Having a member write it would make it all the more community-driven (*hint* *hint*).

I like your thoughts on authorship, both because some contributors may not want to be listed as an author, and to not risk offending people by drawing an arbitrary cut-off through who is an author and who isn't. I need to give it some more thought, as I'd love to recognize everyone but that could literally be hundreds of authors. Maybe an anonymous IP-geolocation visualization overlaid on the world map?!

I could imagine some really interesting visualizations of the information we have in the wiki (tools vs. applications vs. views, etc) and the forums (keywords, geographical correlations, etc), unfortunately I'm not qualified to generate most of them. I also need to get with Nick Loman and James Hadfield to potentially bring in the NGS machine map as that is also a pretty nice resource.

Lastly, the most ambitious goal/suggestion would be to use the community resources to actually do some community-driven science. I guarantee, if I put out the call we could get some instrument time donated by one of the many service providers that frequent the site, and I know that the community would rise to an informatics challenge. Just need a humanitarian idea and some samples. Maybe for next year's AGBT.

An additional wrinkle is that while I will be at AGBT, I probably can't officially present this poster as I will be wearing my day job attire and presenting a poster in that capacity as well. Should be a fun meeting!

Thanks again for your feedback...we are running out of time but the abstract should be fairly straightforward to generate.
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