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Default The first step on RNA-Seq

Hi All

Hi I have got my raw data from biologist who running sequencing on Proton. I need to get the .fastq reads for downstreaming analysis (e.g. QC control, Alignment , DE analysis...) on Torrent Server by command line. I don't know that if Proton could output .fastq directly.

I found that on Torrent Browser there is a panel called 'select a plugin to run'

if I click 'FileExporter' ,there are 4 options

Create SFF?

Create FASTQ?

Include Variant Caller Files (if available)?

Zip results?

If I select 2 and 4 and submit, there is not any response

Btw, if I don't use Browser and use Torrent Server to run command line, how could I do it. I mean I don't know how to run FileExporter in Command line ,what is input and output?

Thank you!

Sorry this has been sorted cos is my plugin version's problem.

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