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Originally Posted by kikor View Post
all right, our lab is doing very similar jobs with vehuardo's lab, plus a lot of viral identification. And the major question confused me alot is the choice between S5 and miseq.

our fund is only supported for one miseq, so it's hard to buy S5+ionchef. any information will be welcome, thanks!

ps: like vehuardo said, the Life tech. did a good presentation that are impressive most of my collegues.
You don't absolutely need the Chef. We have the PGM and the Proton, but no Chef, and we get along just fine. The Chef automates some things and saves time, but it's not necessary. I guess what I'm saying is that if you feel the S5 is the better instrument for your needs, but the cost of the S5+Chef is prohibitive, you can get just the OT2 and get along just fine.
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