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Hi All,

I'm part of UC Irvine's Research Computing Support group and we're looking to expand our group. We've won a 2 yr NSF CyberInfrastructure Engineer award (that has been extended to 3 years internally with the intent to make it permanent) to hire a storage-oriented HPC guy or gal to help fulfill our our grant aims.

The short version is that were looking for someone who is very bright, very self-directed, very interested in both research and pushing the technology of research computing in an academic setting. Compared to the private domain, it means you trade some income $ for flexibility, independence, and very wide experience.

We are a small (3.5 FTEs + 1 student) flat group with a lot of responsibility and thankfully little bureaucracy in our immediate reporting structure. We cover all aspects of research computing from NGS bioinformatics to phylogeny to moldynamics to climate modeling to FEM in many programming languages in serial, EP, OpenMP, MPI, and GPU approaches. We are quite flexible about work hours and telecommuting (but you do have to be in the UC Irvine area) once we get a sense of how you work.

This job covers a lot of domains and we're looking for a candidate who covers as many as possible, as expertly as possible, so if you have some of the expertise but not all, please consider applying anyway. Or email me to discuss it.

The extended job description and context is here:
and the official job posting is here:
(apologies, a previous posting was incorrect)

Thanks for reading.

Harry Mangalam, PhD
Research Computing Support

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