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I've asked the group at the Garvan Institute in Sydney about their sequins - but was advised against them by the group as there were "too complex" for my needs (not sure what that means!) The ERCC don't help as i need the exogenous spike in right at the beginning...
just a bit of background of my PhD - i'm looking at patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass (the machine that keeps patients alive while they are having open heart surgery - my job is managing this -(part-time PhD as well...insane, i know!)).
From my preliminary RT-PCR experiments a couple of microRNAs of interest went astronomically through the roof - hence the move to next gen sequencing to see what all the other microRNA's do. I have a pre operative sample and a during surgery sample but my supervisor is concerned i'll just get millions of reads in both samples and wont actually be able to see what is going on - hence the introduction of an exogenous spike (like miR-54 that i used for my RT-PCR for normalisation)... just really stuck on how much too add as there is not too much in the literature. Thanks again all
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