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Seems like this recent change is more of a reversion to the original Illumina plan types. With a very low level coverage for people who pretty much do their own repairs (bronze) and the more standard level (silver) that includes reagent replacement, all repairs as well as a yearly PM.

To my way of thinking the "Basic" level Illumina previously offered was nuts--you are waiting for an instrument to go down unexpectedly, which will require you to scramble an engineer out to the site within a certain number of days and replace all the reagents that the issue caused.
Why offer that?

With a PM you bundle all the parts to replace that are causing you the most pain out in the field and pro-actively replace them. Pretty much at your leisure. Lowered numbers of emergency repairs is my preference as a customer--although I couldn't justify the cost of going beyond "Basic".

That said, were any of you around when they first started installing MiSeqs? Word at that time was that repairs to them were straight-forward enough to allow most to be done by Field Application Specialist, rather than Field Engineers! That never happened...

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