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Originally Posted by Bukowski View Post
No one digs through your post history to answer your questions.
Sheesh, another one. From the top post in this thread:

"So the above indicates major suckage for the hobbyist."

The Ion Torrent workflow is notoriously finicky. Many people submit DNA or pre-made libraries to service providers in other countries in order to get their sequencing done. And outside of professional contexts too. The economic feasibility of this has already been outlined, let alone the issue of tying yourself to a dead platform (I'm interested in how you would source reagents to run a PGM).
All the ancillary stuff is available via eBay. But that's a Bad Idea (TM) for the same reason that outsourcing to overseas companies is a Bad Idea. Lead times are going to stretch into infinity. I'm still waiting (since February) for a WGS I did with an overseas company. Not acceptable.

Are you sure a MinION and some Flongles wouldn't be a more cost effective route? I bet there's a lot of DIYbio people floating around that would ameliorate the cost of a starter pack. And the library prep workflow is a lot less complex.
It seems to me neither option is a cost-effective route. Added to that, the MinION is very proprietary, sensors need to be returned to the manufacturer.
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