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Thanks nucacidhunter. I did also receive the email.

I've also become aware of the unreleased ONT SmidgION device. If they can get the cost of use down it may prove to be a viable alternative, although they (stupidly) haven't announced software for a PC and seem to be aiming at tethering the thing to an iPhone. They also screwed up by using the wrong gender of mini-USB connector.

The ONT technologies are of most interest so far, although I believe the costs need to come down by another order of magnitude before broad use ensues from hobbyists. They need to decouple reagents from the package so that individuals can source them locally, bring down the cost of the flow cells and forget about their enforced use of commercial data analysis services like Epi2Me. Only then will I believe their hyperbolic claim of "Anyone, anywhere, anytime" usage.

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