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The MinION flow cell return to ONT is so that they can recycle them for use in training and internal research. If you contaminate the flow cells such that they are not safe for posting back, you don't need to return them. There is no return required for flongle flow cells.

There's no need to use Epi2Me; the only necessary proprietary software is the MinKNOW sequencing software (for controlling the MinION), which produces HDF5 files containing raw signal traces from the sensor arrays. You're free to design your own base-calling software (e.g. Chiron) and bypass every other part of the process. As far as I'm aware, all other sequencing companies also have proprietary software for controlling initial data acquisition.

Minimum per-sample cost via 12-sample multiplexing with the rapid barcoding kit and a flongle flow cell is about $9 USD. The only thing cheaper than that which I'm aware of (possibly excluding microarray) is a single Sanger sequence by service, or do-it-yourself Sanger.
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