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Default RNA-Seq Library Prep from PAXgene RNA Blood Tubes

Hi all,

My group is starting an RNA-seq project from patient frozen blood stored in PAXgene RNA blood collection tubes. We have experience performing library preps on PBMCs and isolated monocytes using the Takara Bio SMARTer RNA-seq kits. For this project, we have heard that one issue that could arise is the globin gene counts after sequencing. Has anybody had any issues with this?

Right now, I am thinking about extracting RNA from the PAXgene tube using the QIAGEN PAXgene extraction kit, then using this kit: GLOBINclear Kit for globin mRNA depletion and then running the standard library prep kits we have in the past.

However, Illumina sells a library prep kit that removes globin mRNA in the library prep itself:

Does anybody have any experience with this kit?

Thanks for all your help!
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