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Lets start with the library already made, so that cost is the same (or higher if you have to do emPCR with the ion PGM).

If it costs $250-$500/run on ion PGM for 100K reads and $1200/run for SE-43 and ~25M reads on the Illumina GAII, I don't see the ion price being that cheap.

I currently run four yeast RNA-Seq in a single lane of the GAII, so for $300 I get ~6M reads per sample. I may not even need 6M reads per sample, so further multiplexing would bring the price per sample down. With multiplexing on the HiSeq, the price should be even lower.

The current ion machine will be for low output needs, running again and again to get more data from one sample doesn't seem to be the best use.
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